Tayo Aina visits various places in Lagos on $100 Budget

Tayo Aina shared a video on his youtube account detailing the economic situation of his home state. He made the video to explore what he could do with $100 in the richest city in Africa.

Lagos-based YouTuber, storyteller and social media influencer Tayo Aina shared a video on his youtube account detailing the economic situation of his home state. He made the video to explore what he could do with $100 in the richest city in Africa. The town, considered the entertainment capital of Nigeria, is divided into two parts: The island and the mainland.

The Youtuber has called the state his home for years, which is why he knows most good places. He claims that the island has more good spots than the mainland. He observed that traffic is one of the major things in the state. Afterwards, he stated that one of the best ways of exploring the city is with your feet.


Here, He observed, “It’s cheap, and it is free” First destination he visited on Lagos Island was Marina. According to Tayo, it is one of Nigeria’s most difficult places to shoot. In the area, he saw National Museum and Freedom park. Freedom park was historically a prison. According to Tayo, it comes alive at night with bands and other nightlife activities.

Later, Aina visited the national park. He spent some of his 100 dollars allowance on transportation and two dollars for entry fees. The museum featured several historical artefacts. After leaving the museum, he went to watch a movie. He spent $12 on popcorn, tickets and a cold drink.

Following this, Aina visited a food joint to have a Lagos speciality, Jellof Rice. He spent another $11 on the food. At the end of the day, the Lagos-based YouTuber visited the chillout spot, making him spend the most money he had finished. The food and drinks at “Kingfisher” made him spend almost $31.

The YouTuber called it a night and went to his home to sleep since he lives in the city. The next morning, for Day 2 of his experiment, he went on a beach trip at Box Beach. He spent $22 on food and $10 on the beach ticket. He confessed that he took time to figure out what he wanted to eat since all the food items on the menu at the restaurant were very expensive.

Meanwhile, The penultimate destination he visited in the video was the Terra art and culture centre, where he got to experience the art and culture of Lagos. The entry cost him another $10. He noted that this is a great place to visit if someone is interested in the art scene. Since he was at the end of his funds, he saw the Nike Art Gallery as his final destination.

Tayo Aina shared that this is the largest gallery in Nigeria which anyone can visit for free. Nigerians created all the the artworks featured in the four-floored gallery in Nigeria


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