Nigerians Grapple with Economic Strain as E-Payment Transactions Decline

Nigerians are increasingly feeling the weight of unfavorable economic conditions as dwindling purchasing power drives them into a state of hopelessness regarding the country's financial future

NFF Faces Financial Hurdles in Pursuit of Herve Renard for Super Eagles Coaching Role

A senior NFF official revealed that Herve Renard has demanded a monthly salary of $180,000 (about N253 million), the highest ever for a Super Eagles coach, presenting a major financial challenge for the already budget-constrained federation

School Building Collapses in Central Nigeria, Claiming Lives of 22 Students

At least 22 people, mostly students, have died after a two-storey school building collapsed in Busa Buji, Plateau State, Nigeria. Rescue efforts are underway for over 100 individuals believed to be trapped in the rubble of Saints Academy College

Nollywood Icon Patience Ozokwor Urges Colleagues to Prioritize Health Following Recent Deaths

Veteran Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor, known as Mama G, addressed the rising untimely deaths among actors, attributing them to negligence. She emphasized that their passion for acting often overshadows the essential need for self-care and proper health management

Nigeria’s Public Spending on Education and Health Critically Inadequate, World Bank Report Reveals

According to the findings, Nigeria's overall public spending on these critical sectors stands at a mere 12% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), falling short of international standards. This figure contrasts starkly with the Sub-Saharan African average of 17.2% and the 18.5% average for lower-middle-income countries

Coping with Flooded Homes: Vital Steps to Minimize Damage and Ensure Safety

The impact of flooding can be overwhelming and devastating, but taking immediate and strategic actions can significantly mitigate damage and ensure the safety of residents

Nigeria Football Federation Seeks New Coach for Supersand Eagles

This announcement, prominently displayed on the Federation's official website, signals a crucial step in bolstering the team ahead of upcoming competitive fixtures. Interested candidates are required to meet several stringent criteria to be considered for the prestigious position

Nigeria Implements Tax Waiver on Food Imports to Tackle Soaring Prices

Agricultural Minister Abubakar Kyari outlined the government's proactive steps in a statement, highlighting the urgency of addressing both the affordability and availability of food supplies

Bread Scarcity Grips Northern Nigeria as Prices Soar Amidst Production Halt

A baker in Kaduna expressed distress over halted production since July 1st due to scarce and costly supplies. The price of a 50kg bag of flour surged from N53,000-N55,000 to N67,000-N70,000 within weeks, highlighting severe challenges in the baking industry

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