Boat Mishap Claims Nollywood Make-Up Artist: Final Farewell as Remains Laid to Rest

Governor Eno's compassion included remodeling the family home, offering employment to Ms. Frederick's elder sister in the state civil service, recognizing the need for stability and sanctuary amidst tragedy

CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel raises CIP Saint Lucia towards success

The CEO of Citizenship by Investment Unit, Mc Claude Emmanuel strives to boost the due diligence of Saint Lucia CIP through his untiring efforts and innovative approach.

Nigeria Leads Global Fight Against Meningitis with Groundbreaking Vaccine Rollout

This historic milestone represents a significant advancement over previous vaccines, which often targeted only one or two strains. Meningitis, characterized by dangerous inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, poses a severe threat to public health worldwide

Ernest Hilaire to provide assistance to CDF, aims to boost aspiring creatives

Ernest Hilaire expressed his delight at being part of the cultural development project and shared his vision to support to CDF in forthcoming budget presentation later this month.

Bundesliga History Made: Nigeria’s Boniface and Tella Secure Title with Bayer Leverkusen

The clash, marked by Leverkusen's impeccable performance, saw Nigerian stars Victor Boniface and Nathan Tella shine bright on the grand stage. Boniface, the relentless striker, initiated the onslaught by converting a penalty after 24 minutes, setting the tone for Leverkusen's historic triumph

Ernest Hilaire honours Gimies awardees, calls tourism as pillar of country’s growth

Ernest Hilaire attended the ground-breaking ceremony of “The Gimies- The Saint Lucia Tourism Awards on Saturday.” He commended the nominees and winners for their contributions in the field of tourism.

Air Peace Shakes Up Nigerian Aviation Landscape with Inaugural London Flight

Breaking the longstanding exclusivity enjoyed by foreign airlines on the coveted Lagos-London route, Air Peace's inaugural flight symbolized a significant shift in the dynamics of international air travel for the West African nation

DY PM Hilaire attends UBEC launch, focuses to enhance marine and coastal resilience

DY PM Ernest Hilaire attended the launch of “Unleashing the Blue Economy of the Caribbean (UBEC)” project on Thursday. The UBEC project was funded by the World Bank.

Kenya and Nigeria Issue Joint Recall of J&J Children’s Cough Syrup Amid Suspected Toxicity Concerns

This chemical compound has been associated with tragic fatalities among children in several countries, including Gambia, Uzbekistan, and Cameroon, sparking widespread concerns regarding the safety of oral medications

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