Nigeria: 11 year old Muhammad Kaumi Bashir invents mini power generator

Muhammad Kaumi Bashir, an 11-year-old boy from Nigeria, has created a mini power generator. The villagers of the boy have attested to the fact that the boy’s creation works without fuel.

Cameroon: Kpwe Syril Lom creates domestic bleach and cleaning agent

Kpwe Syril Lom has created a new and innovative domestic product for the use of the local houses in the various communities of the Buea state of Cameroon. The name of his product is BLESSED-JAVE. It is a new domestic bleach and cleaning agent.

Cameroon: Douala man Darryl Nganou creates nation’s first electric vehicle

Darryl Nganou, a 29-year-old citizen of Cameroon living in Douala, successfully created the country’s first electric vehicle. He recently tested the electric car. As per the media sources, Darryl Nganou gets the credit for introducing innovation to the country

Cameroon: GBTHS Limbe students create refrigerator for Open Door

The Southwest Region of Cameroon hosted an Open Door to showcase the boundless talent and genius that the students and youngsters of the area possess. Several students from the various technical high schools in the region participated in the competition. The innovation presented by the group from GBTHS Limbe stood out among the several presentations.

Dominica: Melissa Skerrit starts Web designing programme for Roseau Central

The Minister of Housing in the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and parliamentary representative of the Roseau Central, Melissa Skerrit, has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Works, Public Utilities and digital economy to start the Web designing course.

Philip Thomas shares advice for Elon Musk before Starlink launch

Ahead of the big launch, Philip Thomas, The Executive Editor of REPORT AFRIQUE International, took to his social media account to share some advice with the Starlink Owner and billionaire Elon Musk.

US: Google suspends 500,000 accounts sharing Pro-China/Anti-US content

Google has shared on their blog site that they have blocked more than 50,000 forms of various content that were shared by certain pro china accounts.

Fisayo Fasudo shares new video, endorsing Smart Glasses: know more

Nigerian Youtuber, Visual storyteller and Finance and Tech reviewer Fisayo Fosudo has shared a video on his Twitter. The video features the YouTuber and technology enthusiast living out a complete day in his life with smart glasses.

NCC Assures Nigeria that 5G has no adverse health affects

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has assured the nation’s public that the new 5G Network has no adverse health effects.

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