CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel working to enhance Saint Lucia CIP

CEO Emmanuel asserted that their focus will majorly be on the quality of the programme. The programme offers ture business opportunities, and chance to secure life even after retirement

Can Burna Boy win a Grammy this year?

Burna Boy has been nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance, Best Global Music Album, Best Global Music Performance and Best African Music Performance of the Year awards.

Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo celebrated her 54th Birthday

She thanked all her fans through social media apps. Halida celebrated her Birthday with her family and friends.

Fashion Designer to feature Authentic African outfits from Nigeria

Fashion designer Jerry Jaydee will feature typical African costumes designed by Nigerian designers in an american fashion show.

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Madagascar is a large island located off the southeastern coast of Africa. Geologically, Madagascar is considered a continental island. This means that it was...

Ella Obans inspires people to keep tabs on experience, expertise

Ella Obans, communication strategist, writing coach et al., recently shared a write-up on her social media. Through this write-up, she seeks to inspire people to own their expertise

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Marriage is an institution that is common to all cultures in the world. In among thousands of Cultures and traditions that prevelenat in the world, there are also a number of matrimonial ceremonies.

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West Africa is home to many ethnic groups, tribes and communities. The Yoruba Tribe is one of the many tribes living in the continent. The tribe commonly finds homes in parts of Benin, Nigeria and Tago.

I will never believe there is no God, says Philip Thomas on social media

The editor of the international newspaper publication Report Afrique International, Philip Thomas has shared his views on the existence of God. He refused to...

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