Ella Obans inspires people to keep tabs on experience, expertise

Ella Obans, communication strategist, writing coach et al., recently shared a write-up on her social media. Through this write-up, she seeks to inspire people to own their expertise. She believes that sometimes people neglect to mention their work and experiences. Accordingly, she recollected a personal experience which caused her to reflect on the issue.

She was at an event where Ella Obans came in contact with an acquaintance on Facebook. She shared that It was our first meeting; we didn’t plan it. It just turned out that we were at the same event.


They had only started their discussion when she discovered someone was eavesdropping. She questioned him, following which the person said he would like to connect with us as we looked like people of value. He wasn’t sure how to communicate, so he had to eavesdrop.
Ella Obans claimed the communication strategist had to do her job at this time. She then introduced herself. She also informed them I had written five solid books, four published globally. The other valuable lady also introduced herself, and they decided to get to know him.

Following this, he said everything about what he does except that he was a graphic designer for five years before he recently transitioned to the sector he’s in now.

Ella confessed that he wasn’t comfortable with the fact that he spent two years in the new sector yet considered it new. However, she decided to spare him some breathing space.

She clarified that she wouldn’t have discovered he has five years of experience since that was the only professional thing he highlighted about himself. However, the other valuable lady asked him how long he had been in his present sector.

On hearing how long he had done Graphic Designing before transitioning, the other valuable lady mentioned that her organization was once looking for someone with that exact year’s experience, but they couldn’t find any.

So we talked about a few other things before we went on to connect with other people. However, I reminded the guy that he should always highlight his years of experience. Numbers don’t lie. It is not a cliche. They’re credible, don’t joke with it. So she stated that her point is clear, I believe.


Own your craft. Even what you used to do is important to what you’re doing now. Blow your trumpet. Nobody will do it better than you. Even though the bible says, “Shine your light before men”, it didn’t say in your resume alone.

Take note of numbers concerning money, experience, time, or occurrences and keep tabs. All you need to get your next and latest promotion might just be you disclosing that number of your credibility in the right room.

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