Don’t be discouraged by closed doors, says Ovunda Ihunwo

Ovunda Ihunwo took to his social media account to share some inspiration. He urged his audience to stay encouraged even in the face of closed doors.

Actor, actor trainer and director for stage and screen Ovunda Ihunwo took to his social media account to share some inspiration. He urged his audience to stay encouraged even in the face of closed doors. By the metaphor for of “Closed doors” he wants to put across lack or removal of opportunities.

He urged his audience to remember that even though the door of opportunity appears closed doesn’t mean it’s locked. Winners don’t shy away from closed doors. Instead, they muster the courage to turn the knob and explore what lies beyond. Through this, Ovunda encourages his audiences to believe in their abilities. At the same time, he wants to ensure that the people can venture the unknown


Accordingly, he stated that feeling defeated and wanting to give up is easy when faced with setbacks or obstacles. However, true winners possess a different mindset. They see closed doors as a challenge, an opportunity to push themselves beyond their limits.

Embrace the resilience of a winner and embrace the power of perseverance. Instead of turning around like a loser, take a deep breath, gather your strength, and turn that knob. Who knows what possibilities await on the other side?

Ovunda Ihunwo asserted that world does not hand us successes on a silver platter. Instead, one needs to earn success through determination and the refusal to accept defeat. Keep your head high, believe in your potential, and take action. Remember that winners find a way even if the door doesn’t open on the first try. They knock harder, seek alternative routes, and keep pushing forward.

So, my friend, don’t let closed doors dampen your spirit. Let them fuel your determination, ignite your passion, and motivate you to unlock the opportunities that await. The journey may be challenging, but with every turn of the knob, you’re one step closer to greatness.
Believe in yourself, embrace the mindset of a winner, and show the world that you are unstoppable

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