Fashion Designer to feature Authentic African outfits from Nigeria

Fashion designer Jerry Jaydee will feature typical African costumes designed by Nigerian designers in an american fashion show.

The famous fashion designer Jerry David is going to host a fashion show in America next year. The designer wants to promote African designs in the show. Despite having a team of fashion designers, Jerry wants designers from Nigeria to showcase their talent and design some authentic African costumes. Interested candidates will get monetary assistance for purchasing materials.

The motto for the fashion show is going to be “Decency is the new Swag.”


Jerry stated that he had proposed his idea to ‘dress white-skinned Models in typical African clothes’ to some people in the fashion industry, and the fashion show partners have agreed to his objective.

Lending credence to the process, the candidates who want to participate will have to send their designed costumes to Jerry’s team operating in his hometown, Abuja.

Firstly, the team will do the selection; then, the selected candidates will get the money for materials to design outfits, which will be sent to Jerry Jaydee in January 2024.

He further added candidates must put their name or their brand name with the contact number on the package. Contestants may get a deal from us based on clients after the event.

Jerry David is one of the well-known designers who hail from Abuja, Nigeria. He has been doing fashion designing for more than six years, and he completed his design degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Then he went to the United States to follow his passion and is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Now, he is teaching fashion design in America.

He has been doing modelling as well for his modelling agency, Midas Touch Exclusive.


The netizens have also supported the program and are looking forward to participating. One of the users ‘Dani Ella’ said, “Thank you, sir Jaydee, for this opportunity you have given fashion designers.”

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