Governor Namadi’s vision to uplift the Jigawa education system

He has made a series of consultations and discussions with the stakeholders to implement in the education system.

Governor Namadi is taking steps towards uplifting the education system of Jigawa state, and his ultimate vision is to completely reform the Jigawa state education system by executing policies and recruiting teachers as well as renovating hundreds of schools across Jigawa state.

He has made a series of consultations and discussions with the stakeholders in the education system so that they will provide valuable suggestions to the education sector.


Education Funding: Discuss the states’ significant allocation of funds for educational projects, about 35% and explore opportunities for increased investment in education from HME and use Jigawa as a pilot state for any government interventions.

Teacher Training and Welfare: his excellent initiatives to enhance the training and welfare of teachers in Jigawa State to ensure a high standard of education. Teachers will be trained about the advantages of digitalisation.

Access to Education: Jigawa strategies to increase access to education, especially in underserved areas, our if school and talk about the plan to ensure that no child is left behind.

Technology in Education: The Governor’s plan of integrating technology into the education system to enhance learning and prepare students for the digital age. Also, talk about the plan to take the best from EdoBEST, EkoEXCEL, KwaraLEARN and BayelsaPRIME.

Curriculum and Educational Standards: Discuss aligning the state’s curriculum with national standards and improving the quality of education provided and seeking HME support in doing this.

Digital Infrastructure: Discuss the need for robust digital infrastructure, including internet connectivity and access to digital devices in schools across Jigawa, AND request partnerships to leverage National E-Learning Platforms (inspire, ignite and learning passport).


Governor Namadi has already started it, and the Governor has employed 3000 teachers under the ‘J Teach’ scheme. This move will empower the education system, and this is the first step towards bringing quality education and hope to our communities.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; as the main plan is to employ a total of 6000 new educators in the Jigawa education system, the Governor is planning to employ another 3000 enthusiastic teachers under the ‘J Teach’ scheme.

This visionary initiative not only provides employment opportunities but also ensures that our children receive quality education, shaping a brighter future for generations to come. The Governor’s dedication to education is not just a promise; it’s a transformative action that echoes in every classroom, in every eager mind ready to learn.

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