Sisi Yemmie visits “Greatest Grotto in Lagos” with kids & Family

Nigeria-based YouTuber, food vlogger and food enthusiast Sisi Yemmie has published another “Vlogmas” on her channel. In the vlog, she and her family went to the best Christmas Grotto in Lagos.

The “Vlogmas” are Christmas-themed vlogs that the Sisi has started for December. For the earlier “vlogmas-es”, the Lagos-based Youtuber shared how her family made several Christmas memories, had a variety of good foods and spent their days in each other’s company.


The most recent vlog-mas opened with Sisi and their kids heading towards “the greatest Christmas grotto in Lagos”. Sisi Yemmie described it as the best Christmas of the year.

On getting to the Christmas Party, the fun for the kids started. All three of them received certificates. These certificates termed them into the nice list of Santa Claus. According to the mother of three, “The kids were very excited to be on the nice list.” She added that it was a very nice touch.

Following this, the kids got the chance to visit the “North Pole Mall”. While there, the kids listed all the things they wanted from Santa Claus. Sisi Yemmie’s kids filled their lists with all sorts of things.

Later the family of five went to Mrs Claus’s Kitchen/Bakery. At the bakery, the place allowed kids to bake their Christmas Cookies (and eat them too!)

Sisi Yemmie confessed that she was impressed by how much thought organizers had put into the experience. One Charming party, the event organizers put a lot of effort into making the occasion perfect. Sisi Confessed that “Everywhere smelt like Christmas.”

The Vlogmas also featured some glimpses of the children making their cookies. Then the kids went to the toy factory, where they could choose the stuffed toys they wanted. The kids also stuffed the stuffed toys that they chose.


Next, the kids went to the art and craft section, where they could draw and paint. Further, the family went to another area where the kids played video games. Overall, the vlog-mas was full of activities and fun for all the family. Sisi even recommended fellow parents visit the place.

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