Lagos: Nigeria to start construction of New Airport

The Lagos state government plan to start constructing a new airport in the state. The construction will begin next year.

The Lagos state government has announced that they plan to start constructing a new airport in the state. The construction will begin next year. The Nigeria Federal government has given an all-clear to the government of the Airport.

The Airport, upon starting operations, is expected to serve and handle a minimum of five million travellers annually.


Senior Special Assistant to Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of the state, Jubril Gawat, informed the media that the state government of Lagos would build the new facility on a 3,500-hectare site. The site is situated on the busy Lekki peninsula east of downtown Lagos.

According to Senior Special Assistant Jubril Gawat, The project is expected to take off in 2023. The government will construct the Airport on 3,500 hectares of land, master plan and aeronautical designs are in place.

He informed the media that while studies are ongoing about strategies, funding and other issues, authorities will take the project to the marketplace.

The government of Lagos will receive the help of local and foreign investors to finish the construction of the Airport, which will cater to a minimum of five million people yearly.”

The residents of Nigeria have been demanding for a long time to add air capacity to Lagos, as Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city.

Additionally, Lagos is also a critical economic and cultural hub in Africa. According to statistics, the wider Lagos area is home to over 20 million people. This number makes the city the most populous region on the entire continent.


The Federal Government of Nigeria has given the construction project for the Airport a go-ahead. The master plan for the facility has also been finalized. However, despite their approval, the project could still face other hindrances in the form of financing. Thus, it is impossible to say, with any certainty, if the construction will commence in 2023.

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