NIA releases images of HC Vandalism culprits in UK, seeks identification

The National Investigative Agency, or the NIA, has released the images of 45 individuals involved in the effort of Vandalism in the Indian Commission in the UK. The incident occurred earlier this year in March and attracted the attention of the Indian community worldwide. In a recent development, the NIA has urged the community’s people to come forward with information.

The agency has issued a lookout notice for 45 people responsible for vandalizing the Indian High Commission. The perpetrators of the incident also showed disrespect to the Indian Flag and caused grievous injuries to the persons. Further, NIA took the opportunity to implore the general public regarding information and identification of the perpetrators.
The authorities released CCTV footage worth two hours, showing the attempted Vandalism.


The NIA took to their Twitter account on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, to urge people to share information regarding the Anti-national elements. Meanwhile, they also shared the footage of the attack and contact details, including WhatsApp and mobile contact details. The incident in question occurred on March 19, 2023. An unofficial video from the scene also went viral on the same day/

In this video, some pro-Khalistan elements in the UK scaled the balcony of the country’s Indian High Commission. They attempted to bring down the Indian tricolour. Towards the end of the video, another individual reached the balcony of the Indian High Commission. He aimed to prevent the situation in a way to prevent further harm to the national flag of India.

The incident attracted the attention of the Indian community across the globe. The government of India also shared their disappointment with the government of the UK for their inaction over the incident of disrespect. The Indian community in the UK gathered in front of the Indian High Commission. They registered their protest over the incident and demanded that the government of UK bring justice to the perpetrators of the crime.

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