Aruna Quadri Triumphs Again: President Tinubu Hails Nigeria’s Sports Resurgence

President Bola Tinubu extended his heartfelt congratulations to Quadri for his stellar performance in the final match of the 2024 ITTF Africa Cup held in Rwanda

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Nigerian table tennis maestro Aruna Quadri clinched the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Africa Cup title, reaffirming his status as Africa’s table tennis champion. 

President Bola Tinubu extended his heartfelt congratulations to Quadri for his stellar performance in the final match of the 2024 ITTF Africa Cup held in Rwanda.


Quadri’s victory, marked by sheer excellence on the table, showcased his unwavering commitment to success amidst formidable challenges. 

President Tinubu lauded Quadri’s relentless pursuit of excellence, citing it as a testament to the exceptional qualities inherent in Nigerians—the drive for distinction, resilience in adversity, and innovative problem-solving.

In his statement, President Tinubu underscored the significance of Quadri’s triumph within the broader context of Nigeria’s sporting achievements. 

He highlighted the nation’s recent successes in various sporting arenas, including the African Games, the Africa Cup of Nations, and the World Relay Championships. 

These accomplishments, he emphasized, reflect Nigeria’s growing prowess in the global sports landscape.

Furthermore, President Tinubu reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and advancing sports development across the country.


Emphasizing the pivotal role of sports in national unity and development, he pledged continued support for initiatives aimed at fostering talent and excellence in sports.

The President’s reassurance comes amidst a renewed focus on harnessing the potential of Nigeria’s youthful population. 

Recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for creative expression and fulfillment, President Tinubu affirmed his administration’s dedication to expanding the horizons of possibility for Nigeria’s creative youth.

Quadri’s victory serves as a source of inspiration not only to aspiring athletes but to all Nigerians, symbolizing the power of dedication, perseverance, and talent. 

His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a continental champion epitomizes the spirit of resilience and determination that defines the Nigerian identity.

As Nigeria celebrates Quadri’s triumph on the international stage, attention now turns to sustaining this momentum and building upon the foundation of success laid by athletes like him. 

With visionary leadership and unwavering support, Nigeria’s sporting ambitions hold the promise of even greater achievements on the global stage.

In conclusion, Aruna Quadri’s victory at the 2024 ITTF Africa Cup stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Nigerian athletes and the nation’s commitment to excellence in sports.

President Tinubu’s commendation and commitment to sports development signal a bright future for Nigerian sports, as the country continues to strive for greater heights of success and recognition on the world stage.


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