Youth Assembly of Nigeria celebrates Intl day of Parliamentarism

The Youth Assembly of Nigeria, a distinguished legislative training platform for young individuals to acquire parliamentary skills, acknowledges the pivotal role of parliament as the embodiment of democracy and the cornerstone of every democratic nation

The Youth Assembly of Nigeria, a distinguished legislative training platform for young individuals to acquire parliamentary skills, acknowledges the pivotal role of parliament as the embodiment of democracy and the cornerstone of every democratic nation. In alignment with parliaments worldwide, we proudly join the global community commemorating the 2023 International Day of Parliamentarism.

The International Day of Parliamentarism, observed annually on June 30th, offers an opportunity to assess parliamentary advancements towards key objectives of representation, inclusivity, and adaptability to modern times. Self-assessment, including women and young parliamentarians, and technological adaptation are essential aspects of this appraisal.


Amid the current critical juncture for parliamentary democracy, wherein political institutions face eroding public trust and democracy encounters challenges from populist and nationalist movements, establishing an international day for parliaments assumes paramount significance. To sustain a thriving democracy, parliaments, as the bedrock of functional democracies, must be robust, transparent, accountable, and representative.

Further, This year’s celebration revolves around the theme “Parliaments for the Planet,” underscoring the imperative of acknowledging that climate action commences at home. Parliaments and parliamentarians bear the responsibility of undertaking tangible measures to reduce carbon footprints, both individually and institutionally. By adopting eco-friendly policies and embracing a culture of sustainability, parliaments contribute to addressing the climate crisis and facilitating more robust climate action.

Regrettably, climate change relentlessly claims lives, hampers development, disrupts peace and compromises global security. In this context, we would like to remind His Excellency of the previous administration’s commitment to planting one million trees within the state, a significant initiative to mitigate the consequences of climate change.

Further, the Youth Assembly of Nigeria extends congratulations to the House of Assembly Members on the successful inaugural session and election of principal officers. The youth constituency anticipates that the Assembly will uphold the principles of separation of powers enshrined in the law and foster synergistic collaboration for the state’s progress.

Furthermore, we seize this opportunity to express our gratitude to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of the State, Dr Dauda Lawal, for addressing the concerns of state workers by promptly disbursing two months’ salaries, enabling them to prepare for the upcoming Sallah festivities adequately.

Likewise, the Assembly commends the Governor for approving the payment of fees for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO) for students, who constitute a significant portion of this Honorable Assembly. Such benevolence will empower students in the state to participate in these essential examinations. We implore school authorities and stakeholders to uphold ethical standards and abstain from engaging in activities that might undermine this effort.


Furthermore, the Assembly remains deeply concerned about the recurring incidents of violence in the state. While acknowledging His Excellency’s recent engagements with security chiefs within the state and in Abuja, we urge him to redouble efforts to ensure that every citizen under his leadership can sleep with a sense of security.

The Youth Assembly of Nigeria remains steadfast and resolute in fulfilling its mandate to contribute to the nation’s development. We reiterate our commitment to collaborate with any administration to pursue a better Zamfara State.

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