Sisi Yemmie shared Vlogmas, went last minute decoration shopping

Nigerian Youtuber and food vlogger Sisi Yemmie, who is also a mother of three, started a tradition of creating Christmas-themed vlogs, where she documented how the family celebrated Christmas and made several memories in Lagos ahead of the festival.

In the latest vlogmas, Sisi Detailed her experience of going for last-minute shopping ahead of Christmas. In the video, she revealed that Christmas preparations had tired her. She was occupied with the oncoming festival. Thus, she did not have the chance to get her hair  done.


The youtuber then revealed that she was planning to use a wig for Christmas. Further, Sisi also confessed that she had never used a braided wig before. However, now she needed more time to get her hair styled any other way.

She then went shopping for Christmas decorations in the market. According to her, she wanted to finish the shopping after the tree arrived. She gave her audience a glimpse into her Christmas decoration shopping. The shop she visited was full of various decorations, Christmas Trees, lights, tree ornaments, and such.

Following this, Sisi Went to her favourite decorators in Lagos, who had helped decorate all the events the Youtuber’s family had hosted. The events included the kids’ birthdays and even baby showers.

Between the Christmas decoration shopping, the Food enthusiast hailing from Nigeria managed to squeeze some food shopping in too. Sisi went to the supermarket, where she showed her youtube family all sorts of mouthwatering foods.

According to Sisi Yemmie, she got chocolates, cookies and disposable cups for the kids for Christmas day. Then, she returned to her decoration shopping. Sisi found some beautiful tidbits to take home to her family. she chose all the tree ornaments based on the thing that her family liked. She also promised to share a tree-decorating video on her social media.

Sisi took unicorn and train decorations for her children.


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