St Kitts and Nevis: SKNNCC shares schedule and criteria for Road March

St Kitts and Nevis National Carnival Committee (SKNNCC) have shared an update on their social media account regarding the festivities of the ongoing Sugar Mas 51 carnival. The renowned Carnival of St Kitts and Nevis opened on December 2, 2022, and will conclude exactly thirty-three days later on January 3, 2023. 

Recently, the organizing committee of the national carnival, SKNNCC took to their social media to share an update about the conduction of the Road March Event. According to the update, the appointed judges will also consider the road march event at the same time as the J’ouvert Mornings. 


The SKNNCC revealed that the competition is open only for Registered bands, soca artists and calypsonians. They clarified that the Independent DJs would not be allowed to contribute points to those vying for the Road March title. 

Accepted competitors will include bands, soca artists and calypsonians attached to a specified sound system registered before the stated deadline.

Reportedly, the contenders for the Road March submitted (in writing) the name of the tune(s) which they wanted to be considered for Road March by 4:00 PM, Friday, November 18, 2022. The artist was required to release their tunes on a radio station or social media page by no later than 11:00 PM, Friday, November 25 2022.

The completion of the prerequisites made them eligible for the judging criteria. Meanwhile, the SKNNCC revealed that the appointed individuals would do the Judging on one (1) circle of the Jouvert Route from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM.


As per the St Kitts and Nevis National Carnival Committee, There will be two levels to the Judging of Road March.



For the first part, One Judge will be placed at each of the judging points to register the name of the tune played by the Road March contender during the specified time – 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The Judge will only do this once during the allotted time. 

Therefore, the total number of points a Band, Calypsonian, or Soca Artiste can receive in this tier is three Points in four judging areas, which the road march authorities will then convert to percentage points. This part will account for 35% of the final score.

Accordingly, The Judges will award the points at: 

1. National Museum

2. Former Subway

3. National Bank West

4. Development Bank



Further, the SKNNCC revealed that the judges would base the second segment on performance on The Bay Road on the first passing of each registered contender. A panel of three Judges will be responsible for the performance on The Bay Road. The maximum time allowed will be five minutes. This segment cannot exceed this time. Failing this, the contest judges will impose a penalty of two points per minute or any part thereof.

The maximum number of points awarded for the performance on The Bay Road is ninety (90) points. These points will accordingly convert to percentage points.

The performance of the second segment will account for 65% of the final score.

Further, a clock will display the time of each performance. An official timekeeper will keep the time.

SKNNCC also warned that all competing entities must remain on the truck, trailer, or vehicle. Failure to abide will result in a penalty of five (5) points from the total score.

SKNNCC has also shared the judging criteria and cash prizes for the road march contest. 


  • PERFORMANCE will secure 25 Points for the contender
  • Rendition will allow the conders to amass 15 pints
  • Presentation of the tunes will be worth 10 points
  • MUSIC will amount to 30 points
  • The arrangement of the song will get the contestant 10 points
  • Melody will amass 10 points for the contender
  • Quality of Sound will amount to 5 points
  • Originality will earn the contender 5 points
  • LYRICS of the music will amount to a total of 20 points
  • Word Craft in tune will get the contender 5 points
  • Content will earn 5 points
  • Creativity will gather the contestant points out of 10
  • CROWD RESPONSE will amount to 15 Points

Thus, the total comes down to 90 POINTS.

Following Cash Prizes will be given to the successful contestants:

The winner will receive $20,000

1st Runner Up: will get $15,000

2nd Runner Up: will receive $10,000

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