Pakistan: Sindh struggles to provide quality education after devastating floods

The students of Sindh can not access quality education due to the devastating floods in the state. The schools in the state got destroyed due to the floods in the country

The students of Sindh can not access quality education due to the devastating floods in the state. The schools in the state got destroyed due to the floods in the country. The restriction on the quality of education comes at a significant time in the formative years of the student’s career.

The government of Sindh has since instituted an educational emergency in the province. Through the initiative, the government has stopped some official meetings and pressers. Meanwhile, they have yet to take many measures to rehabilitate the schools.


The upper-level management of the government of Sindh is engaged in a power struggle. Meanwhile, the people who were affected due to the floods have yet to receive any aid from the government for rehabilitation after the floods. Following the devastating floods in Pakistan, several families are struggling to meet their requirements their own.

The people are struggling to arrange for food and clothing. The parents are working on setting up shelter and education for the children. Reports suggest that the p[rospect of children returning to school and continuing their education is significantly faint in the present circumstances.

Weather experts suggest that the country is vulnerable to climatic conditions. However, the governments have taken no precautions or safety measures to protect their population. UNICEF believes that education is not a priority for the government of Pakistan in the present circumstances.

As per the statistics issued by UNICEF, Pakistan is home to the second-highest out-of-school population. In the world. Accordingly. 22.8 million children aged five to 16, or 44% of the people of school children, are not receiving formal education.

Further, the country is struggling with dilapidated educational infrastructure, faith and ideology-based curriculum, and lack of proper teaching, among several other ills. These issues in the education sector make Pakistan an unfavourable place for good quality education.

These issues will cause the children to remain unprepared for the competitive and cutting-edge world outside the confines of the country.


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