Pakistan: Gwadar women protest against Maulana Rehman arrest

The women in the Gwadar region of Pakistan have protested against the arrest of the Chief of Haq do Tahreef, Maulana Hidayatur Rehman.

The women in the Gwadar region of Pakistan have protested against the arrest of the Chief of Haq do Tahreef, Maulana Hidayatur Rehman. The police authorities took the leader of HDT under their custody in mid-January. Since January, the area is witnessing constant protests against unlawful arrest. The women registered their protest over the arrest and called for the release of the Maulana.

The government of the Gwadar region imposed section 144 in the area recently, which helped keep the situation calm. However, with the lift in the restrictions, the protests are erupting again. The women participating in the agitation asserted that the region’s authorities apprehended the Maulana for raising their voices against the people of Gwadar.

Maasi Zainab, who acts as the face of the struggle, claimed that before Maulana Rehman’s protest, the authorities were not allowing the fishermen to go to sea. The families of the fishermen had to go without square meals for days. However, after the protest led by the Maulana, the situation became better. The authorities allowed some leniencies in the rules.

Thus, Zanab, who is commonly known to the people of the area as Zaini observed that Maulana Hidayatur Rehman gave voice to the people of the port town. The authorities neglected the people and the region. Zargul Baloch, a prominent member of the HDT, also expressed her disappointment over the situation. She played a significant role in bringing the women together. Baloch arranged the women’s march on Monday.

She expressed her disappointment over the condition of the region. She claimed that people could not access basic survival facilities, including water, electricity, healthcare and education. The efforts of the Maulana have helped the fishermen of the area improve their life. Accordingly, the communities of the Gwadar area have come out to support the personality. They have called for his immediate release as he is giving voice to the issues faced by the people.

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