Dominica issues advisory over Tropical Storm bret, urges caution

The hurricane season has started in the Caribbean. All the countries in the Caribbean region have increased their precautions. In line with this, the Commonwealth of Dominica has shared an advisory with the people of their community

Pakistan: FIA arrests main suspect in greece boat tragedy

The Greece boat tragedy has reported a significant development in Pakistan. In the accident, 78 people lost their lives. Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency of the country claimed that they arrested the main culprits

India extends helping hand to Afghanistan amid food crisis

The people of Afghanistan are facing a humanitarian crisis. Several citizens of the country are facing a severe food crisis. This has prompted the government of India to extend a helping hand in the direction of their neighbors

Bangladesh follows in India’s Footsteps, maintains trade with Russia

The government of Bangladesh has struck a deal with Russia to import fertilizers from the country. The country has joined another handful of countries, including India to maintain trade relationships with Russia

Read Here: Stories of Budding women entrepreneurs of Kashmir

Woman of Kashmir are making a quick mark in every sphere of life. They are increasingly taking more initiative and venturing into several new avenues

India: Downgrading video of Indira Gandhi assassination condemned

The High Commissioner of Canada to India, Camron MacKay has expressed his displeasure on staging an event celebrating the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was one of the most celebrated politicians of the country.

India: Guwahati Press club gets their first female president

The Guwahati Press Club has elected their first female president in the person of Sushmita Goswami. The press club made her appointment along with the new executive body on June 4, 2023.

Pakistan and Afghanistan to face impending food insecurity

The Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) believe that food insecurity in Nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan is rising. The authorities have asserted that they have witnessed acute food insecurity within these nations.

India takes steps to promote agriculture sector, food security

The government of India has announced a policy for the world's biggest foodgrain storage scheme. The scheme will function under the Cooperative societies sector. Through this initiative, the government of India is placing significant emphasis on the development of the agriculture sector

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