Bayelsa: Douye Diri condoles APC Ambassador on mother’s death

Douye Diri, extended his condolences to the Ambassador of the All Progressive Congress, Emmanuel Otiotio and his entire family on the loss of the family's matriarch. The Ambassador's mother died recently.

The governor of Bayelsa state, Douye Diri, extended his condolences to the Ambassador of the All Progressive Congress, Emmanuel Otiotio and his entire family on the loss of the family’s matriarch. The Ambassador’s mother died recently. Following this, the Governor of Bayelsa shared his condolences with his fellow politician.

Governor Bayelsa shared on his social media I condole with Ambassador Emmanuel Otiotio and the entire Otiotio family for the loss of a matriarch. A woman who had lived a good life for 100 years. She was a woman of courage who gave her all to everybody.


The senator further took the opportunity to add that We may all want to live long and live 100 years just like our beloved mother, but are we emulating the life of our mother? Are we not too anxious about political offices to the point that we want to kill for political power?”

He spoke highly of the woman during the Service of Songs held in honour of the mother of Ambassador Emmanuel Oseimiegha Otiotio, Late Ogbuefi Janet Otiotio Duguruyai, at Yenagoa.

Additionally, Governor Diri conveyed that, as politicians, we keep to the rules and regulations enshrined in our constitution and the electoral law. He observed that As a business person, I got to know our mother. Do you make profits by cheating others in the business? Do you also love and unite your family just like our mother loved and united her family?

Governor Douye Diri noted that these would culminate in whether you live like our mother for 100 years or beyond. So today, the governor of Bayelsa stated on behalf of the Prosperity Government and the people of Bayelsa State, I once again send our deep condolences to you, my brother, Amb. Emmanuel Otiotio and the entire Otiotio family.”

The other prominent members of the Prosperity Government also extended their condolences to Ambassador Emmanuel Otiotio for his loss.

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