Michael Ogueke criticizes civil officials for destroying retirement fund

Prominent political analyst and social media writer Michael Ogueke has recently taken to his social media to express his opinion about Nigeria’s recruitment, retirement & pension systems. The social media writer took the opportunity to criticize the civil servants in Nigeria for their inability to manage their finances. He asserted that the issues they face result from their actions.

According to a political analyst and writer, developing countries’ well-organized recruitment, retirement & pension systems motivate their workers to seek early retirement from service. They are planned and implemented by civil servants in those countries.


Saying this, he added that civil servants destroy the recruitment, retirement & pension systems in Nigeria. They alter or kill records outrightly & embezzle their retirement harvest, seed yams, & reserves in the barn. Afterwards, they then turn back to blame the government when they retire. This is because the people can not get anything from the pension fund they have emptied.

He added to this chain of thoughts and confessed that he wondered about the Labour Unions’ role in Nigeria. He said that, later, he understood that the executives of these unions work together with the top civil servants & elected public officers to destroy the Nigerian pension system. Further, Professor Ogueke stated that I have also often wondered who exactly this government that everyone blames for all our woes in this country.

Professor Michael Ogueke observed that it is only in Nigeria that the President blames the government. The Governors, Senate President, Speaker, Representatives and all the members of the National Assembly blame the government. He added that State Assembly Speakers & members, Judges down to the Justices of the Supreme Court & the Cheif Justice of Nigeria himself blame the government,

Further, He expressed his profound astonishment over the fact the people who form a part of the government blame the government. Federal ministers & state commissioners, LGA Chairmen & Councillors blame the government, when have the power to work on the solution of any given problem.

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