Pakistan witnesses surge in Gender based violence: NCHR

Pakistan is facing a rise in incidents of gender-based violence. The situation has escalated so far that the human rights activists of India have termed the domestic violence incidents as endemic.

Pakistan is facing a rise in incidents of gender-based violence. The situation has escalated so far that the human rights activists of the country have termed the domestic violence incidents as endemic.

The situation in Pakistan is largely defined by a patriarchial mindset, depleting economic situation and religious extremism. In addition, other contributing factors like discriminatory traditions and the impact of the climate crisis provide the environment for domestic violence in Pakistan society.


The statistics surrounding domestic violence in the country suggest that divorced, separated and widowed women become victims of domestic violence more often than married women. Notably, another statistic indicates that almost 40 percent of women aged 15-49 have reported incidents of Intimate partner violence. The women who are a part of this statistic have never been married.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Pakistan reported 14,189 cases of gender-based violence. In line with this, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has taken notice of several incidents of gender-based violence. Additionally, the Media of Pakistan have termed a prominent province of Pakistan, Sindh, unsafe for women. The area has reported several incidents of abductions. The latest in these incidents is the case of a 15-year-old girl.

The fifteen-year-old got kidnapped from the Allahabad police station area of Larkana city. The media recognized the abducted woman as Saima Makrani. The family of the victim has demanded that the authorities rescue her. The province is especially unsafe for Hindu women. Two incidents of abduction of Hindu females have come to light. One of the victims was a ten-year-old girl.

Other incidents of gender-motivated violence have also been reported in Pakistan. The family of an eight-year-old girl in Gujranwala tortured and beat her, after which she succumbed to her injuries. The National Commission for Human Rights reported this incident to add it to the list of incidents of gender-based violence.

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