Pakistan: HRCP expresses conncern over increased crime in Northern Sindh

Sindh is experiencing an ever increased number of gender-based violence in the province. Further, they are struggling with a seriously slow pace of rehabilitation initiatives following the floods and safety concerns of journalists. Accordingly, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed concern over law and order in the Upper districts of Sindh.

The Human rights commission of Pakistan commissioned a Fact-finding team in Northern Sindh. The reports from the Fact-finding delegation have left them worried. The HRCP believes that the government and feudal agencies have undue influence on state agencies and institutions. The Human Rights Commission believes that the situation in Northern Sindh has affected the people’s awareness of their rights and made it difficult for them to access justice.


Meanwhile, the HRCP has presented the findings of their effort during a press conference in Karachi. During the interaction with the media, the organization told them that several families affected due to the 2022 floods are yet to receive rehabilitation support from the government of Pakistan.

Elaborating further on the situation, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan shared that the floods destroyed 142,000 houses in the area. The floods have also caused a lot of damage to schools in the area. Thus, this has disrupted the education of the children of Northern Sindh.

The organization talked about the dramatic increase in incidents of kidnapping and ransom in the area. Primarily, the offenders direct these crimes to women and children of the state. The chairperson of the Human Rights Commission has also alleged that the police of the area are also in compliance with the criminals.

Meanwhile, the crime-fighting officers have expressed that they are unmotivated. This is because the weapon in possession of the criminals is of better and superior quality than the weapons of the police officials. The team also sent an expedition to Kandhkot and Jacobabad. There, the mission learned that minor girls and women were one of the most prominent voctims of honor killings and other gender-based crimes.

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