India: Assam observes Goru Bihu Festival in Various communities

Assam has started the celebration of the traditional festival, Goru Bihu. During this celebration, the communities pay due tribute and respect to the livestock

Assam has started the celebration of the traditional festival, Goru Bihu. During this celebration, the communities pay due tribute and respect to the livestock. Especially the rural communities inhibiting various areas of the state celebrate the cattle in this week-long celebration.

The Rongali Bihu started on Friday, April 14, 2023, on the last day of the year’s final month in the Assamese calendar. The Chot is the final month of the traditional Assamese calendar. Meanwhile, Boghag signifies the start of the new year in the culture. To represent the start of the new year, communities across the state celebrate the festival paying tribute to the cattle.


The cattle owners take their livestock to the nearby rivers and ponds during the celebration. The owners clean their livestock and cattle and bathe them. Then, the owners apply turmeric and paste black lentils. Additionally, to protect the livestock from infections, the owners slap the leaves of Dighalati (Litsea Salicifolia) and Makhioti (Flemingia Strobilifera) on their bodies.

The condiments prevent the cattle from flies, insects and infection. They also feed the bottle gourd and eggplant to the livestock. The community believes that these practices ensure the healthy growth of these plants in future. The whole country observes agriculture, produce and livestock-themed festivities in honour of the start of the new year and the new agriculture season

There were several reports of the celebration of the Goru Bihu festival from across the state. The communities discard the old tying ropes of the cattle. They give the cattle new tying ropes. On Friday, the day of the main festival, we saw the festivities in several communities and areas of the state. The communities in question bathed and honoured their cattle and livestock.

The Kanyaka Multi-Purpose farm in Jamugurihat of Nagaon District also observed the festival. They carried out all the traditions and customs which are associated with the festival at the Bharali River.

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