Comrade Phils calls Tinubu unfit for presidency, feels he should rest

Comrade Phils believes that Tinubu is unfit to become the president of Nigeria after images of him sleeping during an event surfaced the web.

Comrade Phils or Philip Thomas, The Executive Editor of REPORT AFRIQUE International, took to his social media account after some images of APC Presidential candidate Bola Ahmad Tinubu surfaced on the internet. In the photographs, netizens could see the politician sleeping in the middle of an event. Philip believes that in light of the incident, Tinubu is unfit to become the president of Nigeria.

Tinubu is a 70-year-old politician who has served as the governor of Lagos for eight years (1999-2007). However, Philip Thomas believes that no one should be surprised to see him sleeping in the middle of an event. He even said he would sleep in meetings, under-perform and take Nigeria backwards if elected.


The executive Editor of Afrique International, Philip Thomas, noted that The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is sickly old and tired. He urged the citizens to understand this and not choose him to lead the country in the upcoming presidential elections.

Following this, in a subsequent post, he took the example of the Cameroonian president, Paul Biya. Biya is nearing the age of 90 and has been serving as the president of Cameroon since 1982. He was recently in a meeting in the US where he farted on stage and was unaware of the event he was attending.

According to the videos that were circulating on the internet, he was supposed to address the event. However, even after prompting by his aides, he could not deliver his remarks. Taking this incident as an example, Comrade Phils noted that Bola Tinubu is in a similar situation.

The politician is extremely old for the responsibilities of the president. He further clarified that he did not have anything against the politician. However, he believes that Tinubu should be allowed to rest.

He said This is not about his tribe nor his religion. Not even about his political party nor about his character as a person. It is about his health status. Tinubu is sick, and it is not strange for someone of his age. Hence, this is not about ridiculing him. The old man should be allowed to rest.

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