Fatai Ibrahim feels Tinubu’s service to Lagos goes unnoticed by community

Nigerian Writer and social media creator Fatai Ibrahim, and an avid supporter of APC presidential Candidate Bola Ahmad Tinubu believes that he has done alot for the upliftment, development and prosperity of Lagos state in Nigeria. Tinubu accomplished alot in his tenure as the governor of Lagos. 

Fatai Aribisala Ibrahim believes that Bola Ahmad Tinubu has laid the foundation of modern Lagos. He writes on his social media account:


From Lagos Lagoon on the right, away over the swelling Bar Beach at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean on the left, and in front, as far as the eye can reach, is one vast city of modern Lagos that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu laid its foundation. People of all tribes now inhabit this current Lagos State. However, the Ndigbos tribe predominate these tribes. This is because Tinubu’s Lagos is incomparably agreeable and more enabling than Anambra State, which Peter Obi governed for the same eight years that Tinubu managed Lagos State.

Without a doubt, many Ndigbos have occupied and adopted Tinubu’s Lagos State as their second home. Meanwhile, they are more scattered in areas like Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi Peninsula, and Ikeja.  

According to Fatai Ibrahim, their numbers are scanty not only because they cannot afford the high prices of these areas, but the gentle and educated residents of the areas do not tolerate noisemakers and troublemakers.

On the other hand, Ibrahim notes that Here and there in Lagos State, battles are always going on among Igbo men, women, boys and girls. They are trying to make frantic efforts to make a living. We can distinctly see them rushing against each other in slow-moving traffic and hear the clattering of their wares and their hoarse bellowing as they hawk all sorts of things ranging from sachet water to bottled water, soft drinks, belts, phone chargers, boiled eggs, etc.

Fatai Aribisala Ibrahim reiterated that Bola Ahmad Tinubu was the governor of Lagos State between 1999 and 2007. His administration attracted millions of people from all over Nigeria who were seeking greener pastures. 

Fatai Ibrahim noted that there was also word of mouth and traveller’s tales in the Southeast: “If you want to become prosperous, go to Lagos”. 


By the Southeast standards, profits from legitimate businesses, even among illiterate traders, are enormous in Lagos. Ever since Tinubu became Lagos State governor, every one of the state’s citizens has been well-fed. 

The Nigerian author believes that you can save the price of a plot of land as soon as you arrive at Lagos. Further, in less than five years after your arrival, you can become a landlord by building a house that will be yours forever. House ownership, Ibrahim notes, is an impossible feat to reach in the Southeast! 

This is irresistible news to Ndigbos. Consequently, they are constantly moving homes from the Southeast to Lagos. Despite everything he did for Lagos State’s betterment, the writer questions, what thanks does Tinubu get for creating a better life for Ndigbos? Answering his question, he responds in the writeup that Tinubu receives no thanks from them. Meanwhile, the communities heap undue criticisms and outrageous lies on him.

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