Sisi Yemmie spends weekend in Lagos with family, makes memories

The daily vlogs, dubbed the vlog-mas featured a day in the life of Sisi Yemmie as they made memories in Lagos.

Nigerian Vlogger and food enthusiast Sisi Yemmie shared another vlog on her Youtube account. The daily vlogs, dubbed the vlog-mas featured a day in the “mom of three’s” life as they made memories in Lagos. Sisi Yemmie and her three kids were in Lagos for the week following the Foodaholic Festival.

The family of five reminisced the memories of their last trip to the place. The Lagos-based content creator talked about her experience meeting Nigerian Actor Mercy Aigbe.


Sisi Yemmie captured the Nigerian Actor complimenting her cooking. She also told the Nigerian Food enthusiast that her recipes are life-saving. Following this, the family had their breakfast, talked and had fun.

The food was an integral part of the video and featured several appetizing shots of food and several happy and energetic instances of conversation between the family. In complete mom fashion, Sisi Interacted with all her kids equally.

Here, they interacted with a newly wedded bride. Sisi’s kids found themselves fascinated by their henna design. After breakfast, Sisi relaxed and fell asleep with her kids. After waking up, she showed her audience the view from her accommodation.

Later, the family made their way to the Swimming pool, where the kids and Sisi’s Husband enjoyed and unwinded in the water. The girls were dressed in pink swimwear, and the son in his swimming trunks.

After a great time in the swimming area, the family of five had dinner at the Lagos restaurant Ocean Basket. Here, Sisi shared her honest review of the restaurant. She believes that the restaurant has stayed true to their taste and constant since the last time the food vlogger and cookbook author had visited the place.

She said that over the years, some restaurants loose their edge. However, according to her, the food at Ocean Basket was as good as she remembered it to be.


The vlog concluded with Sisi and her family’s morning, when they returned home from Lagos mainland after a fruitful weekend.

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