Bauchi: A Program for Transforming Education

The program will ensure that everyone sends their child to school

A program has been launched today by the Caretaker Chairperson of Bauchi local government, Zainab Baba Takko, which is directly aimed at enrolling children in school as well as meeting their various needs.

This is an effort by Governor Bala’s administration ethics for the transformation and growth of the education sector in the state to save and put education back on track.


The project will ensure that everyone sends their child to school, for which Zainab Baban Takko has taken bold steps and met all the stakeholders in the education sector, including traditional institutions, religious scholars, and other relevant stakeholders.

The program will be properly monitored and supervised by the relevant stakeholders to meet the wishes and will of the Executive Governor of Bauchi State, Sen Bala Abdulkarim Mohammed.

The Executive Governor promised and wished to meet the needs of Bauchi state people.
Zainab Baban Takko is focused on joining hands with the state, the federal government, and even international organizations in terms of improving and transforming the education sector in Bauchi LGA and the entire state at large.

She further called on the attention of teachers, students, and parents of children who directly care about these rights for teamwork and ensuring their children get access to quality education, which will make them reliable and effective members of society.

Apart from that, she also said Governor Bala’s administration will never take it lightly with parents who refuse to allow thieving children access to quality education.

She drew the attention of the parents and teachers to say that they will stand up because they are the closest to the students and keep an eye on how everything will be done to achieve success.


The caretaker chairperson distributed uniforms, sandals, books, school bags, and all the essential things which are needed to learn and teach the students.

Various participants at the event applauded the caretaker chairperson for such effective and projective ideas.

The symposium happened in the presence of officials from UNICEF, USAID, the Ministry of Education, SUBEB, the PTA Association, and other relevant stakeholders.

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