Ekiti government’s new health programmes

Governor Oyebanji prioritising the welfare of vulnerable ones.

Governor Oyebanji’s administration has announced free malaria treatment for older people, pregnant women and children under five years old. One more scheme named ‘ULERAWA’ is launched, under which pregnant women will receive free delivery services in all 177 primary healthcare centres.
According to Governor Oyebanji, the well-being of the Ekiti residents is his top priority.
Pregnant women and children aged less than five years old are considered vulnerable, so they should get more benefits, said Oyebanji.
On the first anniversary of his administration, prioritising health, Governor Oyebanji provided the Okesa Comprehensive Health Centre in Ado Ekiti with new equipment, which made it a fully equipped healthcare centre.
Notably, with such crucial healthcare measures, Ekiti state administration has initiated the expansion of a flagship health insurance program, ‘Ulera wa,’ in which comprehensive support will be provided to children aged less than five years old and disabled individuals, which will make it accessible across all 177 health facilities of Ekiti state.
In addition to this, important resources have been granted to the secondary and tertiary level healthcare centres, especially EKSUTH. An equal amount of investments are provided to the health institutions for the renovation and improvement of these healthcare facilities. Ensuring that the residents are treated with the best facilities.
The salaries of healthcare professionals have also been increased, and additional allowances and other benefits will also be provided. The residents will surely get effective medical services as new healthcare workers have been recruited on the vacant designations of the hospital management board.
Governor Oyebanji has donated personally to the government funds and ensures that he will do the same whenever there is a need for that.
The Governor ensures that the government will keep on working to provide better, affordable and accessible medical facilities in the state for all the citizens, and vulnerable ones will be provided more benefits.

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