The Governor’s wife, Mrs. Nonye, led the polio awareness walk

The Governor's wife educated people in detail

Early this morning, the Anambra governor’s wife, Mrs Nonye, joined members of Rotary International, District 9142, in a road walk to commemorate the 2023 polio summit, which is held in Awaka.
The walk was approximately one kilometre long, starting from Primary Health Centre, Awawbia and ending at Paul University gate, Awka.
The main aim of the walk was to raise awareness of the existent dangers of poliomyelitis and why it should be eliminated completely.
Mrs Nonye, who administered the ceremonial polio vaccine to children at the health centre, gave a short speech before showing the green signal to the walk, in which she stated that polio is still one of the most dangerous and incurable diseases, and urged the mothers to be at the centre of the campaign to take full advantage of the programme and eradicate this disease completely.
She also urged them to stay attentive and detect the common symptoms of the disease, get educated about phases, and know when to seek essential medical direction.
Mrs. Soludo was recently designated as Polio Ambassador by Rotary International, District 9142; she was called to educate the females about the disease and to raise awareness about the steps that are being taken to remove it completely from Nigeria.
For the walk, people were provided with customized red caps and t-shirts and on front of both, a slogan of ‘end polio now’ was written. And were carrying hoardings promoting ‘end polio now’.
At the end of the walk, the governor’s wife spoke about the importance of physical activity to good health and praised the members of Rotary International for starting the program with the workout.
Apart from Mrs Nonye, the walk was led by the district governor of District 9142, Akan Emah, the Executive Secretary of Anambra State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Pharmacist Chisom Uchem.

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