Dr Nyigwa visits TSBS to promote the vaccination campaign

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Measles are spreading rapidly vaccination campaign

A team led by the Executive Secretary, Dr Tukura Nuhu Nyigwa, visited the Taraba State Broadcasting Service, TSBS to offer a partnership to the institution for the dissemination of information to the Taraba people on the coming Human Papillomavirus HPV and Measlescampaign.

Dr Tukura stated that the agency is preparing for both campaigns; one is scheduled for the 24th of October, and the other one is going to take place on the 18th of November. The Human Papillomavirus HPV vaccination campaign will be targeting girls aged between 9-14 years.


Firstly, The Measles supplementary immunization activity. The campaigns will be implemented through health centres, schools, hospitals, places of worship and outreach centres.

Dr Tukura reported that Measles is a viral disease that is not fully curable, but it can be prevented through vaccination before getting infected. It mainly targets children.

He also disclosed that Measles is a highly contaminated disease and has been the reason for a significant number of deaths of children. He also said that the symptoms of Measles include more complications like pneumonia and blindness.

He urged people to take advantage of the vaccination program and get their children vaccinated so that no other children die of this deadly disease.

He further added that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease, which causes fatal cervical cancer and mainly affects girls. And it also can be prevented through timely vaccination.

He also gave the example of an ongoing successful vaccination drive conducted by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency to escape from the dangerous Diphtheria, which is also a highly contagious disease and is spreading very fast in Nigeria.
The heads of the two institutions guaranteed that they would spread this necessary message to the Tarabans. The National Orientation Agency also provide regular vaccination services, where free-of-charge vaccines are provided to cure other diseases.


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