Saraki’s Foundation paid off entire medical expenses of actor Mr Ibu

Doctors said they might have to cut his leg off.

The former president of the Nigerian Senate, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has given monetary assistance to the renowned actor and comedian Mr John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu.
Saraki paid all the medical bills through his foundation, ‘ The Abubakar Bukola Saraki Foundation’. The foundation regarded Mr Ibu as a comedy icon through their Facebook page and added that the actor had graced Nollywood and spread laughter with his talent. It’s their responsibility to provide every kind of assistance they can.

Transaction Report
Transaction Report

Saraki’s foundation came to know about the health challenges and financial burdens of the medical treatment the actor is suffering through the video he released a couple of days ago.
In the video, the renowned actor was seen lying on the hospital bed and describing his suffering; he said that the doctors were trying some procedures, and if they didn’t work, they might have to amputate his leg.
Further, his daughter, Jasmine, talking about his ailment, added that she is solely bearing the load of all the hospital bills, and she asked people to come forward and assist them with finances.
Notably, people shared mixed opinions on this as on Wednesday, 18 October, the actor was seen celebrating his birthday with his family.
Many famous content creators like Martins Otse, aka Very Dark Black Man, and actor Uche Madagwu criticized Nollywood industry people for not providing help to the veteran actor.
Furthermore, the foundation felt honoured to help the veteran actor.
The foundation has been doing the act of kindness for so long. Recently, the foundation also helped Mr Saheed Salman, who underwent surgery for Left Humeral Osteomyelitis and funded the implant surgery of Baby Abdulhayy’s Cochlear. The foundation also conducts many healthcare campaigns from time to time.
Mr Ibu has been part of more than 200 Nollywood movies and TV shows, including 9-wives, A Fool at 40, The Eve, police recruit and Mr Ibu in London.


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