Cameroon: Yaoundé boy suffering from malaria dies in hospital after recovery

Yaounde has reported a sad incident recently, which brought the state’s healthcare workers to question. Recently, the family of a boy suffering from malaria took him to a hospital after he started to get sick. The family asserted that the child had been recovering for the last few days. However, the medical practitioners suddenly declared the death of the boy, leaving the family in shock

This sad incident happened at the Hôpital Gynéco in Yaoundé. A video of the family members is doing rounds on the internet. In the video, the relatives of the deceased child explain in tears how the child was suffering from malaria. The family shared that they had taken the boy to the Hôpital Gynéco in Yaoundé.


After receiving treatment, the child was recovering perfectly. The family claimed that the child was playing with his toys until the evening of May 4, 2023. During the evening hours, the child’s doctors took him away and insisted on treating him again. A few minutes later, the medical authorities asked the parents to buy a blood bag. Afterwards, they announced the death of the child.

After examining the child’s corpse, family members noticed deep cuts on the body, from the head to the throat. The child’s family suspects foul play in the circumstances of the death. The child was recovering from his illness only hours before the doctors pronounced him dead. The family have raised questions on the healthcare of the Hôpital Gynéco in Yaoundé. They claim that the hospital killed the child who had come to the hospital with Malaria. The family demands justice for their child.

The healthcare authorities of Cameroon, especially Yaoundé has registered several incidents where the doctors have killed their patients for their body organs. The families have urged the law enforcing authorities to investigate the matter.


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