Igbedor community welcomes Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi to LGA

The members of the Igbedor community welcomed the Labour Party Candidate for Anambra West State Constituency, Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi, to the Olumbanasa Ward 2 in Igbedor, a Local Government Area in Anambra West.

Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi (Onowu White) arrived with his entourage for a special meeting of the Labour Party. The conferencewas aimed at brainstorming ways for the Labour Party to remain a formidable competitor. They also discussed ways for the party to eventually emerge victorious in Anambra West in the upcoming 2023 General Elections.


The Assistant Secretary of the Labour Party in Anambra, Innocent Udeogeayala, addressed the meeting attendees. During his address, he stated that Festus is the most qualified person among the contenders for the Anambra West State House of Assembly.

He encouraged the people of the Igbedor community to support Festus because he would do well for the Constituency.

Igbedor community welcomes Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi to LGA, Image ourtesy: Facebook, Onowu White Media Team

The Labour Party candidate also addressed those in attendance at the event. Dr Festus expressed his gratitude and commended the Igbedor, Olumbanasa Ward 2, for the massive turnup.

He encouraged them to support all Labour Party candidates for the upcoming election. Dr Festus Omaremi named several candidates of the labour party, starting from the Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi. Omaremi also appealed to vote for Anambra North Senatorial Candidate Tony Nwoye and Chief Peter Aniekwe (Macpee) for Anambra East and West Federal Constituency.


He highlighted that having all Labour Party candidates elected would make work easier for him at the State House of Assembly. He reasoned that they come from the same line of the political party. Further, he said a cordial relationship in their dealings would make Anambra West experience a good legislative outcome.

Further, he continued with orientations and Voter Education. Dr Festus told people  how to identify and vote for the Labour Party. He also detailed the description of the logo.

Igbedor community welcomes Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi to LGA, Image ourtesy: Facebook, Onowu White Media Team
Igbedor community welcomes Dr Festus Chukwuemeka Omaremi to LGA, Image ourtesy: Facebook, Onowu White Media Team

He stated that the labour party team, headed by their presidential candidate, Peter Obi will do wonders for Nigeria. Festus described Peter Obi as a gentleman. According to Festus, Obi has the problem of Anambra West at heart. He expressed that his actions during his time as the Governor of Anambra State and his visit and care for the zone during the flood season showed his compassion.

Talking about Tony Nwoye, he said he has been constructing roads in Anambra North and helping people in his capacity.

At the same time, he praised Macpee, who has been doing well as an individual. He assured the people that Anambra East and West would experience a pathway for massive development.

While concluding, Dr Festus reiterated his plans of renovating and equipping hospitals in the Constituency to enable pregnant mothers to deliver safely. He assured them of the Good Road network, Electricity, Job creation and other agendas in his manifesto.

While addressing the community, the Local Government Chairman of the Labour Party in Anambra West, Akwolu Sylvanus, said that the ball is now in their court to determine the success of the coming election. He statistically agreed that if the entire Igala zone , Olumbanasa Ward 2 will vote for Dr. Festus he will surely win the election.

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