Another actor, Ameachi Muonago, appeals for financial assistance

Ameachi Muonago said that he is suffering from some kind of leg paralysis

After Mr Ibu, another famous Nollywood actor, urged people for financial assistance for hospital treatment.

In a viral video, Amaechi Muonagor was seen lying in bed; he explained his struggles with paralysis.


He said that he had a paralysis stroke and was rushed to the hospital. He was hospitalised for a few months, but when he saw some improvement in his health, he was moved to Nnewi Teaching Hospital in Anambra, and he is still there.

He also shared that when he was in the hospital, they ran out of the necessary medications for his treatment.

He urged his fans and other warm-hearted people to give him financial assistance for his treatment. he also urged his friends and colleagues.

Amaechi further explained that approximately seven months ago, he had just wrapped up a shoot alongside his colleagues Patience Ozokwo, Rita Edochi, Emeka Ani and Ebele Okaro on a movie set.

When he was about to leave the set in his car, he was suddenly struck by a debilitating stroke, and after that, the actor’s health started to get worse.

In the video, he said that half of his body is now paralyzed, he has stopped feeling his legs, some of his body parts are swollen, and now he is having problems eating as well.


He further apologized to his fans for not sharing this with them and said that he never knew that his illness would stay for this long.

Fans are really confused with the demands of the Nollywood stars.

Mr. Ibu, another Nollywood star, asked a couple of days before for assistance from his fans.

There are mixed reactions from Nigerian people as some of them are saying that they should help their favourite artists, while another school of thought says that it isn’t good to help famous people who already have a significant amount of money.

One netizen ‘Henrioking Nya M.D.’ commented “Nigerians pay a lot to o celebrities.; We pay to watch them. We find their lifestyles. We celebrate them. Why do we have to be called each time they fall ill? Is the entertainment industry not self-sufficient for its creators?”

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