Gokum and ScoNet representatives discussed mortality by snakebites

Many key points were discussed for improvement in this particular sector

A successful symposium commenced today, where Joseph G. Gokum, the House member representing Kanke, and the representatives of the Snakebite Control Network (ScoNet), Dr Agwom Ibrahim and NR Umar Hamisu were present.

The aim of the meeting was to explore opportunities for collaboration in establishing a snakebite treatment centre, supplying anti-snake venom, and implementing initiatives related to snakebite prevention and management in Kanke Local Government.


Joseph G. Gokum and ScoNet representatives discussed various areas of collaboration to address the critical issue of snakebite prevalence in Kanke.

The main points of the discussion were,

Establishing a Snakebite Treatment Center: The parties expressed a commitment to establishing a snakebite treatment centre in Kanke. The centre will have all the crucial medications and will provide essential medical care to snakebite victims, including the timely administration of anti-snake venom.

Supply of Anti-Snake Venom: ScoNet pledged to work closely with Gokum to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality anti-snake venom to the treatment centre. This is crucial for effective snakebite management.

Youth Training on Snakebite First Aid: The meeting highlighted the importance of training local youths in snakebite first aid. This initiative aims to equip young individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide immediate assistance to snakebite victims, potentially saving lives in emergency situations.

Promoting Community Health-Seeking Behavior: The collaboration will also focus on raising awareness and promoting community health-seeking behaviour. The idea is to Educate the local population about the importance of seeking medical help promptly after a snakebite incident will be a key component of this effort.


Preventive Measures Against Snakebite: The meeting underscored the need for preventive measures that can be taken to avoid snake bites.

There are many dangerous snakes that are found in Nigeria, like the Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adder, Jameson’s Mamba, Boomslang, Gaboon Viper and many more that can kill a person within minutes.

A couple of years back, a statement was issued on International Snakebite Awareness Day, in which the health minister stated that approximately 2000 people die every year from snakebites.

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