Mauritius PM unveils two Novels by Anand Sawant Mulloo

Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, unvieled two novels by celebrated author Anand Sawant Mullo called Jai Ram and Saiyah

Mauritius: Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, reiterated the Government’s recognition and consideration of the immense contribution of all parents and grandparents in the molding of modern Mauritius.

The Head of State was speaking yesterday evening, during the launching of two novels entitled ‘Jai Ram: A purposeful life’ and ‘Saiyah: The Awakening’, authored by writer Anand Sawant Mulloo, based on the story of his father and mother, respectively.


The Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Alan Ganoo, the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Avinash Teeluck, other Members of Parliament also attended the launching ceremony that was graced by the author himself along with his family members.

In his address, PM Jugnauth lauded the work of author Anand Sawant Mulloo, qualifying it as important and fitting to honour the memory of his mother Saiyah and father Jai Ram.

He commended the writer for paying tribute to his parents who along with similar multitude of unsung heroes have in their own way contributed to making what the Republic is today.

On that score, PM Jugnauth underpinned his strong will and commitment to protecting and recognising the Nation’s elderly population, with its action, be it through better social incentives, higher pensions or better access to quality health services, resonating with the core beliefs of gratitude and respect to our parents.

Speaking about the two novels, the Prime Minister remarked that they invite readers to the discovery of the life in Mauritius as it was a century ago, a time of immense hardship that somehow gave birth to unique brotherhood between Indian immigrants, a bond, he emphasised, is today deeply embedded in the fabric of the Nation.

The story of Jai Ram and Saiyah, he observed, is in fact that of most Hindu Mauritian forebears, relates the shared challenges, timeless values like humility, righteous conduct, patience, and honesty.


PM Pravind Kumar Jugnauth stressed that the preservation and successful transmission of such ancestral wisdom has produced many successful families who have achieved many great things for themselves, and their country.

On his part, Minister Avinash Teeluck expressed his honour for participating in the launching of the works of Mr Anand Sawant Mulloo, whom he described as an accomplished, talented individual having deep aspirations and reflections and who cherishes the best social values and principles in life.

As he dwelt on the author’s inspiration behind his stories, the Minister highlighted that parents are our first teachers, unwavering supporters who nurture us at every stage of life, cheerleaders, as well as custodians of cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the Arts and Cultural Heritage Minister underscored the multiple measures being rolled out by the Government to boost the creative sector and support the artist community, namely through the setting up of National Arts Fund and the introduction of the Status of the Artist Bill.

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