Philip Thomas reflects on GWR holder Hida Bacci’s success

Philip Thomas, or Comrade Phils, has taken to his social media account to reflect on the success of Guinness World Record Holder Hilda Baci. She created history by cooking non-stop for four days and four hours (100 Hours).

Philip Thomas, or Comrade Phils, has taken to his social media account to reflect on the success of Guinness World Record Holder Hilda Baci. She created history by cooking non-stop for four days and four hours (100 Hours). The Managing Editor at Afrique International shared his applause and observations on the feat of the young Nigerian.

Hilda Baci wasn’t the first to even attempt a record, but she was the first to go viral doing so in Nigeria. The lesson people can take from this is that one should be intentional about success. Envision, plan, execute.


Philip Thomas observed that just because no one has attempted to do something before, it does not mean that the feat is unattainable. He believes we must not define success by the boundaries created by others; break them and set new standards for others to meet or break. Outside the fame, the Guinness World Record offers no monetary benefits for breaking a record. So it is a feat for the history books with no immediate gains.

The twist here is that Hilda knew this but was going for more. She wanted to be a celebrated influencer chef, and there was no better pedestal than the GWR. So she had it all figured out. She got a PR team and sponsors in place. It was time to make those news headlines and sell herself and her craft. She decided to get it down with sheer hard work. Yes, hard work because cooking for 100hrs straight is no mean feat.

He added that People say she got the wave because she is heavily endowed. Her looks would undoubtedly pull their attraction, for man is a visual being, but always remember that when Hilda went viral, her eyes were not even in the discussions. She was already drenched in smoke and heat that her beauty was not even that radiant in the earlier videos and pictures that pulled her on trends.

Her media team brought in those pictures later on, and it was intentional. There may have been a strategy, and it was a part of it. However, the actual asset that pulled this off was Hilda’s mindset. Her greatest asset is that mindset that made her assemble a team, plan and make a rather casual record attempt to become a national and somewhat global event. Train your mind to win, not just your looks.

The Lagos state governor, Baba Jide Sanwo-Olu, Nigeria’s Vice president, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Senator Godswill Akpabio, Peter Obi and all the important figures, including celebrities that keyed in to support her, were no happenstance. Her team probably intentionally tagged these names as she trended. Having a plan is key. Being intentional is pivotal to success. I heard her Instagram followership was less than 100k before she broke the internet. She now stands at 1.2M followership and verified. That alone is worth millions in waiting.

Further, Philip Thomas reflected on the statistics of the attempt. He observed that she went from a chef known mostly within a small circle to a renowned celebrity chef with a prospective GWR plaque. She has more than 1m organic followers. That is money in the waiting. She will sign brand deals for millions, and her project “MyFoodWithHilda” will begin getting new clients. Her name is now a touch of class.


Imagine that Hilda will handle the food at your next event; I bet she will be on the IV with the celebrants. Here, Philip Thomas urged the people to read about the celebrity Turkish butcher Salt Bae, currently worth $75M. Alternately, he urged the people to start with our celebrity barman, the Cubana Chief priest, who made the Cubana brand very popular and helped launch the real owner, Obi Cubana, into stardom, despite that he owned the brand.

I don’t know Hilda’s worth before now, but I can assure you she is already worth millions as I write. The entire point here is to be intentional about success. Envision it, plan it and execute it without any restraints. Be sure to hit new high points that are novel.

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