The elephant is a cultural symbol of India more than any other country. The British writer Paul Pickering said that the thick fur in his new novel originated from India. According to the author, his book “Elephant” says “I am my voice”. My voice is as loud as an elephant, and my voice is as loud as a creation.

In the love story between Natasha and a Parisian man, this novel explores the boundary between reality and fiction. He said: “A man from Paris used the story of an elephant to let Natasha regain her first love, voice and poetry.” In a country house in England, a precocious teenager who was expelled from revolutionary Russia wrote a paper I wrote about his adventures, starting with his first dance in St. Petersburg, and how he rescued a huge African elephant from a cruel circus.

But a hundred years later, an American scientist believes that this boy may have invented the elephant as the only kind and inspiring creature of the Dark Ages. Pickering told PTI, “Identity and opposition to nationalism, authoritarianism, scapegoats, fake news, and attempts to abolish culture will expel the children at the center of the story, which is why he wants to do this on paper,” Natasha realized , Is the pure power of the universe, but always strives to adapt to the good results of the planet’s survival.

The book is published by Salt Publishing and covers two historical event periods corresponding to the end of rational thought. Modernity (large use of machine guns) and the end of postmodernism and poststructuralism (with the advent of the Internet) is a new meta-modernism, a new existentialism based on personality again and again. An animal trainer saved the lives of children. After an African elephant calf was kidnapped at the general’s banquet, an Indian elephant killed its animal trainer and split it into two halves.

Pickering, the author of the famous novel “Above the Rainbow”, said that the story told in this book is “We tell ourselves and others, and how the Afghans always tell the best stories to defeat the British.” This is a story from the post-colonial era.

By Vil Joe

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