US Embassy invites students to attend annual alumni fair

The embassy of the United States is hosting the Annual Alumni Fair on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at the American Centre in Delhi.

The embassy of the United States is hosting the Annual Alumni Fair on Saturday, January 21, 2023. The embassy will host the event at the American Centre in Delhi. Members of the Alumni from 28 accredited US universities and colleges will participate in this event. They will allow future prospective students to interact directly with current students and alums of US higher education institutes.

The US embassy spokesperson Christopher Elms spoke to the media ahead of the Annual fair. During the interaction, he stated that the United States welcome Indian students. He also noted that they value the student’s contribution of these students to the campuses and communities.


The spokesperson of the Alumni, Elms, also told the media that they encourage Indian students to explore the diversity of American Higher Education opportunities at the fair.

India and America share a deep and healthy relationship built on the exchange of knowledge. Hence, the Annual Alumni fair is an important event to invite applications from Indian students seeking higher education opportunities in the USA.

The Annual fair is being hosted by the US embassy and the United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF). During the event, participants will learn first-hand through the experiences of the students who have applied to and attended universities across the United States.

The Embassy of the United States believes that “Students will get the opportunity to get advice on the various topics: US university application process, scholarships procedures and funding from qualified advisers of the Education USA centre at the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF). The students will also get an opportunity to learn about the student visa process from US Embassy officials.

Executive Director of the USIEF Adam Grotsky also spoke regarding the event. He revealed that the students who have studied in higher education institutions in the USA are citizen ambassadors. They can provide in-depth knowledge about the institutions. Often, their experiences are deeply personal and minute narratives of their experiences in the United States.”

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