Fatal Road Accidents Claim Nine Lives, Injure 21 in Ogun and Plateau States

The collision involved a Mazda Bus and a truck, resulting in a devastating outcome; according to reports from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

Nine lives were tragically cut short yesterday in separate road accidents that occurred in Ogun and Plateau States.

The incidents occurring on the ever-busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and the Jos-Bauchi road have once again raised concerns about road safety and the need for vigilance among drivers.


The first crash unfolded on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, claiming the lives of five individuals and leaving 12 others injured.

The collision involved a Mazda Bus and a truck, resulting in a devastating outcome; according to reports from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the driver of the Mazda Bus purportedly lost control of the vehicle due to fatigue, veering into the path of the oncoming truck.

The aftermath of the collision left a grim scene, with emergency responders rushing to the aid of the injured and retrieving the bodies of the deceased.

Mrs Florence Okpe, the Public Education Officer of the FRSC in Ogun, confirmed the details of the incident, emphasizing fatigue’s pivotal role in contributing to road accidents.

The injured victims were promptly transported to Victory Hospital at Ogere, while the deceased were mournfully laid to rest at the FOS Morgue in Ipara.

As investigations continue into the precise sequence of events, authorities urge drivers to prioritize road safety measures, including adequate rest and adherence to traffic regulations.


Meanwhile, in Plateau State, another tragedy unfolded in the Zakalio community, claiming the lives of four individuals in a collision involving two trailers and passenger vehicles.

Witnesses recounted a scene of chaos and devastation as the trucks, laden with flour and salt, lost control at a sharp bend along the Jos-Bauchi road.

The impact of the collision reverberated throughout the community, leaving residents in shock and mourning the loss of their loved ones.

The incidents have reignited discussions surrounding road safety protocols and the need for enhanced enforcement measures.

With road traffic accidents remaining a persistent challenge across the country, stakeholders emphasize the importance of concerted efforts to address underlying factors contributing to such tragedies.

The call for action, from driver education programs to infrastructure improvements, echoes loudly in the wake of these devastating events.

As communities grapple with the aftermath of these accidents, leaders and citizens alike renew their commitment to promoting road safety awareness and implementing measures aimed at preventing further loss of life.

From Ogun to Plateau, the need for vigilance on our roads has never been more pressing, as each tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative to prioritize safety above all else.

In the wake of these heart-wrenching incidents, authorities urge all road users to exercise caution and responsibility, knowing that every journey carries with it the potential for both joy and sorrow.

As the nation mourns the lives lost in these tragic accidents, let us unite in our resolve to create safer roads for all.


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