PM Drew vows to enhance JNF General Hospital, bring modernised technology

Terrance Drew attended the first press conference of 2024 with Cabinet Ministers on Tuesday

Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Prime Minister Terrance Drew attended the first press conference of 2024 with Cabinet Ministers on Tuesday to address the citizens of the Federation on the various issues of national interest, particularly focusing on the development of the healthcare sector.



He expressed his commitment to good governance and talked about the multiple achievements they gained from their initiatives. He stated that his government is dedicated to working towards the goal of a sustainable island nation. 


In the field of health, he added that the minister and his team responsible for health and wellness are working tremendously hard to provide quality services to the citizens. 


He felt delighted to announce the substantial advancements in the healthcare sector, particularly focusing on Joseph France General Hospital (JNF). For years, the hospital was facing an issue of roof leaking, which was causing inconvenience and discomfort to the patients. 



The government of the twin-island Federation has collaborated with local contractors and ROC (Taiwan) to resolve the leakage issue at the hospital, and work has been done. 


Moreover, PM Drew highlighted that the government and the Ministry of Health are working tirelessly to improve the infrastructure and facilities provided by the JNF hospital, and this remarkable improvement will bring relief to the patients. 


He has shared that the authorities are set to introduce CT scan machines in March or April, and they will give ultrasound machines to the hospital that can do various kinds of ultrasounds. 


In terms of radiology, the prime minister said that St Kitts and Nevis has the highest number of radiographers at the JNF Hospital. The new equipment that is coming as emergent, including the MRI machine and the procurement of the machine, has been completed, and the government will initiate the construction of a new building. 


Noting this, he said that the constructors were already on the site and began the construction work. With such initiatives, this would be the most equipped that the radiology department at JNF hospital has ever been. 


Additionally, the government of Prime Minister Drew is focusing on improving the country’s healthcare sector and bringing prosperity to the lives of the people. 

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