Nigeria: 11 dead in road accident at Hawan Jaki Village

Tragedy has struck in Northern Nigeria, as 11 persons have been killed due to an auto crash. The incident took place at Hawan Jaki Village on Saturday.

Tragedy has struck in Northern Nigeria, as 11 persons have been killed due to an auto crash. The incident took place at Hawan Jaki Village on Saturday.

The village is a part of the Alkaleri Local Government area of Bauchi state in Nigeria. The vehicle crash occurred at Alkeri Gombe Road.


According to the sources, apart from the 11 dead victims, eight other individuals also sustained severe injuries in the crash.

Sector commander of the Federal Safety Corps, Yusuf Abdullahi, informed the sources that the accident involved one commercial vehicle and a Dangote articulate vehicle.

According to the sources, the commercial vehicle belonged to Yankari Express.

The sector commander of the Federal Safety Corps, Abdullahi, blamed the accident on reckless and dangerous driving.

Abdullahi said, “Twenty male adults were involved in the fatal road crash. Nine lost their lives on the spot, while two were later declared dead by medical personnel at the Alkaleri General Hospital.

He added, “Eight other individuals sustained various injuries and are receiving treatment at the Alkaleri hospital where corpses of the dead were deposited,’’ he said.


He informed the media sources that all the injured individuals were receiving treatment in the Alkaleri Hospital. The authorities also took the bodies of the dead victims to the same hospital.

He urged motorists and road navigators to exercise caution while driving or using the roads for their commute.

On Friday, October 14, 2022, four people were killed in a fatal accident on Aleto Eleme Bridge on East/West Road in Rivers State.

Per the sources, a 40 feet tanker lost its balance on the bridge. The vehicle pushed a moving Toyota Sienna car and another vehicle, Toyota Hilux, from the bridge into the Aleto River.

The accident claimed the lives of four persons.

The number and intensity of road accidents have increased in Nigeria. The authorities have urged people to exercise caution in while navigating the road.

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