Tayo Aina shares experience of travel to Khan El-Khalili in Egypt

Lagos Based traveller and storyteller Tayo Aina shared his experience travelling to Cairo, Egypt, on his social media. According to the YouTuber, The best part about travelling for me is the places you see and the people you meet along the way. During his trip to Egypt, Tayo got lost in the biggest market in Cairo. 

The YouTuber captured his experience of getting lost in Khan El Khalili on social media. He revealed that he saw several artisans and craftsmen selling their products during his trip to the biggest Market in Cairo. Meanwhile, Aina said that he has a bad habit of getting carried away while visiting an interesting place. He lost in the Khan El Khalili market and struggled to return to the entrance


While he was struggling with this, he met a very interesting stranger. The YouTuber shared that a shop owner helped him return to the market entrance. He applauded the behaviour of the trader, who welcomed him into the shop. Following this, Tayo shared that he made a new friend in the market. The trader asked him about himself and where he was from. 

Following this, the trader guided him towards the best place to buy mint tea and local Egyptian food. The YouTuber tried all the things that the trader directed him towards. The YouTuber asserted that one could never ascertain what experiences await them at any point in the journey. 

The followers of Tayo Aina also enjoy the videos posted by him on his various social media. The social media users thanked Tayo Aina for posting these videos and helping them experience the various cultures and places of the world through him. 

One social media user, Arayemi wrote: 

That mint tea is amazing innit? You consistently take me to new places. Thank you 😊

Another user wrote, Until I can afford to travel the world. I’ll hop along with you, Tayo. Thanks big man


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