Michael Ogueke wants Aisha Buhari troller punished, criticises troll culture

Nigerian Writer, political economist and professor Michael Ogueke has also come forward to express his opinion on Aisha Buhari troller

In a long list of commenters, Nigerian Writer, political economist and professor Michael Ogueke has also come forward to express his opinion. The Twitter post featuring defamatory words directed at Nigerian first lady Aisha Buhari by university student Aminu Mohammed Adamu has attracted much attention on social media.

According to Professor Ogueke, the post and audacity of Aminu Mohammed Adamu are resultant of the bad upbringing that he received from his parents. Additionally, the media supports the boy, terming his defamatory tweet as criticism. Talking about the same, Professor Michael Ogueke stated that he believes:


Media people & educated adults are shamelessly pretending not to know the difference between CHARACTER ASSASSINATION & CRITICISM. They are doing this so that they can stupidly support the indisciplined recklessness & bad parental upbringing of a useless kid.

Ogueke feels that people are doing the same in their personal lives. According to him, they have been abdicating their parental responsibilities & indulging their spoilt brats at home. This behaviour on the part of the media personnel and educated adults of Nigeria makes Professor Ogueke wonder how Nigeria got here.

Ogueke feels that Nigerians have become used to lying & slandering others for political gain or just to be seen or heard. Some of them also tend to do it out of envious hate or to feel good about the failed lives we brought upon ourselves with our wrong choices. According to Professor Ogueke, all these reasons are why educated Nigerians are taking the side of a “useless slanderer & wicked liar”

Ogueke believes that these individuals are labelling his innocent victim a tyrant because she occupies the high office of the first lady
Further, Professor Michael Ogueke stated on the Facebook post that when people falsely accuse a government official or public figure wrongly & they refuse to take action, Nigerians will start yelling that they must speak up to clear their name. Otherwise, their refusal to take action means they are guilty.

Meanwhile, If the accused takes action, you will hear the same Nigerians screaming high-handedness, bullying, and abuse of privileged positions or office & start preaching forgiveness.

Ogueke revealed that Nigerians are impossible case studies in ambivalence!


Further, he said people have become used to abusing, insulting, ridiculing, denigrating & slandering Buhari & his office. He believes these individuals are getting away with it in the name of criticism because the good older man has no time for “lazy, jobless clowns & incurable retards.”

He criticized the people for trying to extend their unwarranted actions to his wife. According to several media reports for news websites, the accused, Aminu Adamu Mohammed, posted a picture of Aisha Buhari on Twitter. In the post, he wrote in the Hausa language and accused the first lady of embezzlement.

Finally, he expressed that Aminu Mohammed Adamu should be detained, prosecuted, swiftly tried & sent to jail as a lesson. He said that the parents have not trained them well for the house or the outside.

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