Michael Ogueke criticizes parents on blaming government for joblessness

Michael Ogueke, Nigerian Author and political economist, holds parents responsible for their children's lack of jobs. In an official statement, Ogueke has condemned these parents, stating they have failed their children.

Michael Ogueke, Nigerian Author and political economist, holds parents responsible for their children’s lack of jobs. In an official statement, Ogueke has condemned these parents, stating they have failed their children.

In the opinion of the Nigerian Author and political economist, he can not point out if the problem of Nigerian youths today is poor education & orientation from both parents & schools or mental laziness & unwillingness to work or escapist behaviour.


He believes that blaming the government, the system, “village people”, & everything & everyone but ourselves & our wrong choices have become the way of life in Nigeria.

Ogueke states this situation has come about due to parents failing to teach their children to work for livelihood. In his view, this inability to prepare them has translated into the working-age youngsters of Nigeria being unwilling to work.

The Nigerian writer revealed that he and most of the parents in Nigeria had to start working at a young age to support their families. He recounted from his own experience that (Michael Ogueke) started working relatively young.

Ogueke recounted his experiences writing letters for the elderly and at the tailors’ shop, among other things. He stated that the parents have failed to “train” their children the way their parents trained them. He has further criticized the parents for blaming the government for their children’s lack of jobs.

Michael Ogueke stated that today, parents have 25 to 30-year-old children who have not done any other thing in life other than going to school in a car, come back in a car, bath, eat, watch movies, play video games, press phones, hang out with friends, have sex with girlfriends or boyfriends, then sleep.

Ogueke has further stated that these parents do everything for their children throughout their educational careers. It starts from taking them to and from school to filing their forms and other things to make their lives easier. Further, it extends even to bribing officials and buying marks for the children.


This dependence on their parents makes the children ill-equipped for the world they have to survive in after their education. Michael Ogueke, in his post, revealed that in our days, we trekked to newspaper stands every Tuesday morning to copy vacancy adverts in Guardian & Daily Times newspapers. Today, every newspaper in the world is on a smartphone.

Every company, establishment, government institution or agency in the world portal or website is on a smartphone. And all their job adverts are on their website on a smartphone. They even have a space on their websites or portals where you can drop your CV for future consideration.

He said to the parents, Your graduate children have big smartphones but don’t know who is recruiting or how to search for job opportunities and apply.

Michael Ogueke addressed the parents who blamed their children’s laziness on the government’s failure and criticized them for their attitude.

He stated, In the 60s, 70s, 80s, & early 90s, we were doing all the right things that made us parents who & what we are today, there were governments in Nigeria & they are not better than the governments we have today.

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