Warewa residents cry out for Government Intervention as Oyan Dam floods wreak havoc

Warewa, a community that bears the brunt of the devastating aftermath, has become a focal point for the cries of its residents

Ogun State, Nigeria: In a recurring nightmare for residents of Warewa, Isheri-Olofin, Arepo, and other low-lying communities along the Ogun-Lagos watercourse, the annual filling of the Oyan Dam in Ogun State has once again unleashed a wave of havoc during the late rainy season.

The dam, which reaches its capacity each year, is released, causing widespread flooding and submerging communities in distress.


Warewa, a community that bears the brunt of the devastating aftermath, has become a focal point for the cries of its residents.

The impact of the flooding on their lives and livelihoods has spurred a desperate plea for urgent government intervention.

The residents of Warewa vividly describe the relentless deluge that engulfs their homes and businesses each year.

The late rainy season turns their once-thriving community into a disaster zone, with homes submerged, farmlands inundated, and infrastructure crippled.

The flooding, exacerbated by the release from the Oyan Dam, leaves a trail of destruction, causing economic setbacks and displacing families.

As the community grapples with the annual flood’s aftermath, residents call on the government to intervene and implement long-term solutions to mitigate the recurring disaster.


They argue that the current situation endangers lives and disrupts economic activities in the affected areas.

Local leaders and community representatives have voiced their concerns, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to address the root causes of the flooding.

Calls for constructing protective infrastructure, such as dams and levees, have gained momentum.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for improved early warning systems to alert residents and facilitate timely evacuation when necessary.

The impact of the Oyan Dam releases extends beyond Warewa, affecting neighbouring communities in Ogun and Lagos.

The cry for government intervention echoes throughout the region as residents plead for sustainable solutions to break free from the annual cycle of devastation.

The recurring floods have become a pressing humanitarian issue and a matter of economic urgency.

The livelihoods of those residing along the watercourse are at stake, and a concerted effort is needed to safeguard the well-being of the affected communities.

As Warewa residents grapple with the aftermath of the latest flood, their collective voice resonates in the call for immediate action from government authorities.

The onus is on policymakers to heed this cry for help, assess the situation, and implement lasting solutions to protect the vulnerable communities along the Ogun-Lagos watercourse from the perennial threats posed by the Oyan Dam releases.


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