Nigerian Artist Falz Shares Terrifying Near-Death Experience in Abuja

Famous Nigerian singer and rapper Folarin Falana, widely known as Falz, opened up about a harrowing incident that took place in 2013, detailing a near-death experience he and his team encountered

Lagos, Nigeria, November 20, 2023: In a recent episode of “Untapped” with media personality Gbemi O, famous Nigerian singer and rapper Folarin Falana, widely known as Falz, opened up about a harrowing incident that took place in 2013, detailing a near-death experience he and his team encountered while returning from a wedding performance in Abuja.

The artist recounted the incident shortly after completing his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and working at his father’s law firm.


The journey, prompted by a lucrative N1 million gig offer, involved Falz and his managers, Femisoro Ajayi and Sidney Sule, embarking on a road trip from Abuja to Benin due to the unavailability of flights.

As they set out on the journey around 2 p.m., Falz, displaying a visionary instinct, led his team in prayer, unknowingly setting the stage for what would become a life-saving moment.

The trip took an abrupt turn when, in broad daylight, their vehicle was ambushed by menacing individuals brandishing AK47s in the middle of the expressway.

The assailants fired a gunshot at the car, jolting everyone awake. In the chaos that ensued, more gunshots were fired, with a bullet narrowly missing the occupants of the vehicle.

The situation escalated when another round of gunfire struck the driver, fatally wounding him in the eye. The gravity of the situation dawned on the passengers as the car, now driverless, continued moving uncontrollably.

In the midst of the mayhem, Falz vividly recalled seeing the vehicle careening towards a ditch, contemplating the inevitability of their fate.


Miraculously, the car avoided the ditch, sparing the lives of the occupants but tragically claiming the life of the driver.
The incident serves as a chilling reminder of the unpredictable dangers that lurk on Nigerian roads and the vulnerability of artists and entertainers while on tour.

Falz’s decision to lead a prayer before the journey proved fortuitous, highlighting the importance of faith and resilience in the face of unforeseen adversity.

As the artist continues to share his story, it brings to the forefront the need for enhanced security measures on Nigerian highways and a collective effort to ensure the safety of those who contribute to the nation’s vibrant entertainment industry.

Falz’s tale serves as a cautionary narrative, emphasizing the imperative of prioritizing security for artists and the general public in pursuing their professional endeavours.


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