Gombe Sporting Football Club beat Inter Jankai FC by 3-1

The Gombe Sporting Football Club acquired its 2nd consecutive trophy in a short span of two months

The Gombe Sporting Football Club secured its back-to-back 2nd trophy in a mere span of two months.

The Gombe Sporting Football Club won the Gombe State Diamond Competition Cup by defeating one of its fierce rivals, Inter Jankai, by 3-1 in an exciting Football match.


The final of the Gombe State Diamond Competition was held at the Pantami Stadium, Gombe, on Sunday, 15th October 2023, at 3:45 pm.
The match took place on time as it was scheduled. The match was played under the dazzling floodlights of the stadium.

The crowd cheered up the Gombe Sporting Arena when both teams entered the stadium. The anticipation of the crowd was at its peak.

In the first half of the game, both teams looked similar and showcased an incredible match. The teamwork on both sides was a treat to watch.

But in a frantic finale, Aminu JC scored the first and the only goal for Inter Jankai in the 29th minute of the game.

But the celebration of Inter Jankai FC lasted only a little. Abba Dybala brought Gombe back into the game, broke the drought of goals for Gombe, and scored a fantastic goal with a stunning strike in the 31st minute.

Later on, Musa Tu Tu added exhilaration with a tremendous goal in the 40th minute. The midfield maestro just trashed Inter Jankai’s defence with his dribbling skills. The defenders didn’t understand his moves and scored the goal with a sublime finish. That made Gombe the winner of the first half.


The Inter Jankai’s team tried to rally in the second half, but Gombe’s defence acted like a wall.

In the 78th minute of the game, Pakam made the crucial goal-line clearance that solidified Gombe’s victory. As the final whistle blew, the scoreline read 3-1 in favour of Gombe Sporting Football FC, marking their latest triumph.

Gombe Sporting Football Club fans celebrating with the winning trophy
Gombe Sporting Football Club fans celebrating with the winning trophy

Gombe Sporting Football FC showcased complete dominance in the match. The road to the final was challenging for both teams. Inter Jankai showed an incredible game throughout. And coming after a tournament win, Gombe’s confidence was at its peak, and their sheer hard work locked the second win for them.

The chief guest handed over the trophy to the captain, and the team celebrated their win in their style.

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