Sisi Yemmie shares vlog attending Foodaholic Festival 2022

Sisi Yemmie, Lagos Based Vlogger, content creator and food enthusiast shared another Vlogmas on her Youtube Channel, SisiYemmieTv. This time around, the YouTuber took her followers and audience along as she navigated the Food festival and hosted a meet and greet with her followers at the Foodaholic Festival 2022. 

The Vlogmas, however, doesn’t jump directly into it as Sisi lets her audience into the life of her home. The first few minutes of the video feature Sisi in her home, spending some quality time with her children. Following this, she took the kids shopping. 


Before making her way to the food festival she was invited to, Sisi Yemmie got herself some coffee and shopped for a gift for her friend. She informed the audience that she was supposed to go to the birthday party immediately after the meet and greet concluded at the food festival.

She picked up the gift for the birthday girl and made her way to the foodaholic festival. The foodaholic festival was hosted in Lagos over the weekend, December 10-11, 2022.

She shared her look for the event on her social media account. At the food festival, Sisi interacted with several of her admirers and fans. 

After a fairly successful meet and greet, Sisi Yemmie made her way to the birthday celebration of her friend. 

The birthday celebration was a lively event. Here the Youtuber and content creator got the chance to meet and interact with several of her friends. She also enjoyed the music and food at the event. 

She also took to her social media to wish the birthday girl on her birthday. At the same time, she shared her experience at the party with the words:


When was the last time you partied? My weekend was so much fun! I attended my friend’s birthday, and after dancing the night away, my body ached in places I forgot about 😂 I’m still recovering 😂💃🏾 Happy Birthday again, @princess_hyrate05 😘😘😘 God bless you!

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