PM Roosevelt Skerrit extends greetings on 45th Independence Day

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, addressed the nation on the occasion of celebrating 45th Independence Day

Roseau, Dominica: Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, addressed the nation on the occasion of celebrating 45th Independence Day. The ceremony took place at Windsor Park Stadium in Dominica, in which several officials took part.

During his address, PM Skerrit mentioned the difficulties faced by the country during its developing years and appreciated the island citizens who continued working hard to set the pace, ensuring speedy development and a bright future for the upcoming generations.


PM Skerrit began the speech by greeting all bureaucrats present at the 45th Independence Day Ceremony. Later, he mentioned the effects of COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflict between Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine throughout the world.

He also mentioned the developments Dominica made to tackle the effects of Climate change. PM Skerrit noted that the impacts of climate change are visible on Caribbean islands.

Dominica has managed to slow down the impacts but has yet to halt it. Still, there is so much to celebrate, so the theme of this year’s Independence Day is Annou Sélébwé, which means ‘Let’s celebrate’.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business, Trade and Energy hosted the Dominica Geothermal Global Partners Conference under the theme “Enabling Dominica’s Transition and 100% Renewable Energy before 2030.”

In the past year, the Government of Dominica drilled two additional wells required to operate the planned 10MW power plant in Laudat. A new high-capacity transmission network is also on the cards for construction.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the results of the government’s efforts in resolving climate issues in the country. A considerable percentage of Dominican population is now aware of the situation and assisting the nation in dealing with the issue.


Dominica is looking to switch to 100% clean energy with a massive investment in geothermal power, harnessing the volcanic energy of the island and gaining independence from fossil fuels, a significant step towards a bright future.

Minister Skerrit ended his address thanking all the attendees and saying “May God bless our Country, our people and Happy Independence Day to all”

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